We are built by the succes of our customers

At VR Trade, our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality rubber products in the industry at the lowest possible price in the fastest timeline. VR Trade is one of the largest wholesalers of industrial rubber products in Europe. With a central warehouse in The Netherlands and offices in The Netherlands, France and Sweden we serve customers throughout Europe.

We originate from the Dutch company Vredestein, and therefore VR Trade has more than 100 years of extensive experience in providing high-quality rubber products.

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of rubber products. Ranging from rubber sheeting, flooring, matting, profiles to tubes. With this range of products we supply many different market segments such as the marine industry, automotive, machine manufacturers, chemical and food processing industry, agriculture segment and building constructors. Our competence and creativity, allows us to offer our customers solutions that can be quickly implemented.

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VRTrade Nederland

Geograaf 38
PO Box 1022
6920 BA Duiven
T. (+31) 26 317 9988
F. (+31) 26 317 9989
E. info@vrtrade.nl

VRTrade France

140 bis rue de Rennes
75006 PARIS
T. (+33) 0170 38 23 50
F. (+33) 0170 38 24 90
E. info@vrtrade.nl

VRTrade Sweden

Parkgatan 4
S-23152 Trelleborg
T. (+46) 410 333 005
E. info@vrtrade.nl