About Us

VR Trade B.V. is a subsidiary of Vredestein B.V., which is the largest producer of rubber products in the Netherlands. In 1909 Vredestein B.V. opened its first factory in The Hague (Den Haag), manufacturing tires, boots and rubber mats.

VR Trade B.V. was established on March 28, 1994, with as its primary focus, the distribution and sales of high-quality rubber sheeting and mats. Besides the Netherlands, major markets were Belgium, Germany and France. Over the years, sales in Europe have grown rapidly, due to the expansion to new markets in Northern and Southern Europe.

Our portfolio consists of various grades of rubber sheeting, rubber mats in different designs, and rubber profiles. Successful products include stud flooring, ribbed matting, ring matting, diamond matting, and industrial runners.

VR Trade currently holds one of the largest stock positions in Europe. This enables us to guarantee the quick delivery of a wide range of high quality rubber products to wholesalers throughout Europe. Our customers receive their ordered products within 1 or 2 days.
Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff, located in the Netherlands, France, and Sweden, is always of service to provide in depth guidance and assistance in helping customers come up with effective solutions.

VRTrade Nederland

Geograaf 38
PO Box 1022
6920 BA Duiven
T. (+31) 26 317 9988
F. (+31) 26 317 9989
E. info@vrtrade.nl

VRTrade France

140 bis rue de Rennes
75006 PARIS
T. (+33) 0170 38 23 50
F. (+33) 0170 38 24 90
E. info@vrtrade.nl

VRTrade Sweden

Parkgatan 4
S-23152 Trelleborg
T. (+46) 410 333 005
E. info@vrtrade.nl